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Do you feel...

  • Confused about diet, nutrition and exercise?
  • Anxiety and stress has taken over your life?
  • Tired, exhausted and desire more energy?
  • Like you need a change, but are lacking clarity?
  • A desire for more fulfillment and balance in your life?

Welcome to Foster Wellness Coaching! My mission is to help you achieve your health and well-being goals by addressing the whole person. Wellness is more than just diet and exercise, and I’m here to guide you towards a healthier and more balanced life.

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Make more time for YOUR well-being.

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How to make time for YOUR well-being.

Get my FREE Daily Wellness Checklist

transformational coaching

Coaching for sustainable, healthy habits that are curated to each individual. My coaching method is based on evidence, science and getting results!

working with me you will:

  • Develop a powerful understanding of how improved health and well-being will transform your life so you can experience more joy, freedom, and energy!

  • Learn which foods and self-care habits can help restore and reverse the aging process so you can feel young and vibrant again.

  • Discover tools that are easy to use in everyday life to help regulate emotions, stress, anxiety and self-doubt so you can move forward in your life with more confidence and joy.

  • Coach Tamara offers one-on-one and group coaching programs to make coaching accessible to everyone. Schedule your FREE 45 minute Discovery Session to learn more!

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coaching services

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Group Program coming in Sept 2024!

Declutter Your Life

Are you curious about what's possible for your life, but feel overwhelmed by physical and mental clutter? This program will deliver lifelong learning and tools to clear the clutter and give back time you thought you never had!

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Uncover what habits are sabotaging your health, energy and well-being. This program promises renewed energy and wellness through simplified and sustainable concepts. You'll gain a profound breakthrough, and develop your personal narrative for a lasting health transformation.

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The Clarity Catalyst Course was developed to cultivate creativity, authenticity and self- expression. It has been facilitated to thousands of people who have found clarity in their purpose and lives.

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Tamara was very in tuned to what I ​wanted and needed. Thanks to Tamara, I ​am aware of something that will benefit ​me to improve upon that I never really ​thought seriously about. ~ LH Woods

I enrolled in the Clarity Catalyst course ​seeking clarity, and it delivered just that. ​While the insights I gained were ​challenging, they alleviated the pressure ​I felt to be perfect and have it all figured ​out. The tools I acquired have ​empowered me to enjoy the present ​more and worry less about the past and ​future. ~ M. Golden

After completing the Clarity Catalyst, I ​have a better understanding of myself ​and who I am as a person. The weekly ​lessons apply directly to me and help me ​hone in to the areas where I am strong ​but also where I need to focus attention. ​The exercises were fun but so insightful ​and really put a spotlight on the specific ​concept of that session. I still use a ​variety of the tools in my day-to-day life ​and share them with others. ~ K. Belden

Tamara made me feel at ease, validated ​my personal progress, and gave great ​feedback. She adjusted the sessions to ​address my specific needs and gave a ​great vision for moving forward. She has ​a great background with health and ​fitness and makes it clear that health is a ​journey that she is continuing on as she ​helps you to progress. ~ E. Jones

Tamara is a very caring and ​compassionate coach who gives you the ​feeling that she truly wants to help you ​develop into the person you’d like to be. ​She opened my eyes to some techniques ​that helped me refocus my energies and ​thought processes into more positive ​directions. ~​ D. Price

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health and life coach

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My programs are tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. I work with you to develop sustainable healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Through the coaching process, you will learn to tune-in to your own wisdom and make better lifestyle choices. So if you're ready to make a change and start living the life you desire, I invite you to schedule a Discovery Session with me today!.

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