The Declutter Your Life Program

Do you feel like you could do more and have more fun & fulfillment in your life if you just didn't have so much clutter - mentally and physically? Clutter takes the form of mental strain, tension & anxiety, disorganization, chaos, and overwhelm. This program will teach you tools to employ in your daily life to get rid of the clutter that is keeping you from living your life the way you want.

We will begin with a complimentary 45-minute Discovery Session to identify where you have ‘clutter’ and what your vision is for the life you desire without it! I will answer any questions you have and go over package options and pricing, and more specifically, how the program works.

What to Expect:

Happy Woman with Laptop Celebrating Success at Home

The 60-day program consists of 8 coaching sessions with guided assignments in between sessions to tackle the clutter in the most common areas where people gather unnecessary mental and visual pollution that gets in the way of freedom to focus on the important things and people in your life. Each session is 45 minutes and will take place on Zoom. During this time we will review your ongoing progress, handouts, recommendations, and fine-tune your personal action plan. You should feel a sense of accomplishment each week and start to feel space in your life to see what's possible for you! Below is an example of topics addressed during the program, however, there may be a specific area you would like to address, and we will work together to personalize your journey.

  • Time, Space and your Calendar
  • Digital Detox
  • Creating a Healing Kitchen
  • Prioritizing Self-Care
  • Your Sacred Space
  • Learn the Joy of Letting Go
  • Hidden Clutter
  • Pulling and Keeping it all Together